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sport crab pots

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airport crabpot home page

Vern Lamping , Owner

airport crabpot home page

APCC has been producing commercial and sport crabpots since 1948.
It is home of the "Cornflakes Crabpot" which is well known among the commercial crab fishermen from California to Alaska.

When fishermen want to catch crab they choose APCC for their crabpots. Besides having a reputation for some of the highest catch rates, our crabpots are chosen because of our unmatched quality and 65 years of outstanding service and reputation.

Owners Vern & Lisa Lamping took over operations in 2007 after the previous owners who took over from their father in the mid 70's decided to retire in 2007.

Vern had worked for Airport Crab Pot Co, since 1975 and is one of many long term employess who continue to carry on the tradition of "Cornflakes" Crab Pots!

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