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airport crabpot home page
airport crabpot home page

What if you could have a Sport Crab Pot
that was made just like the Commercial Crab Fishermen use?

More durable than those you can buy at any sporting good store...or online?

AIRPORT CRAB POT CO. Sport Pots are crafted by the same experienced Crab Pot welders, wrappers, tunnelers and knitters as those who make the commercial pots we have been selling since 1949 !

Some of our workers have been with us over 35 years and they know Crab Pots better than anyone in the business.

So ..if your thinking of buying some Sport Pots for crabbing, give us a call. You might spend a little more..but they will last you years longer than the others on the market.

Shipping Available in 32" and 28" diameter
with or without buoys and line.

Call us at 503-338-8778 to place your order today !

"Commercial Grade
Sport Crab Pots